Son of Nun's New Video Features Baltimore's Radical Activists

Released on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the video highlights past and present uprisings and their causes in the U.S. But the mini-documentary also features various current organizers in Baltimore and their visions for the city and how they plan to manifest them, a press release by Firebrand Records said.

SPARK MAG: Son of Nun is Angry and ready for 2017

SPARK MAG: Son of Nun is Angry and ready for 2017

“I can’t think of a good reason to only focus on one struggle when the powers that be don’t, there’s no such thing as a single-issue presidential administration. They’ve got a little something for everyone so we might as well work together as leaders of our own struggles if we’re going to make any substantive change. I think highlighting various struggles makes resistance to the status quo more compelling.”

S.O.N. on Activism & Music in the JHU Newsletter

Recently a JHU Newsletter reporter attended #WestWednesday and was moved by the experience. I performed one of my songs at that one and he reached out to do a story on what I do. Check it out.

The Economist Features S.O.N. in Election Series

A few weeks ago The Economist reached out to do a piece on me and my thoughts on the U.S. elections. I showed them something more important. I took them to West Wednesday, Tubman House, and "A Baltimore Divided" Ron William's Univ. of Baltimore class. They needed to see the Baltimore that will be fighting for justice regardless of who's in the White House next year.

S.O.N. Responds to Charges Being Dropped in Remaining Freddie Gray Cases: AlterNet

AlterNet reached out for comment on the final legal act of disgrace to Freddie Gray's legacy, asserting that none of the officers involved had any responsibility for his severed spine and death. The article by Sarah Lazare is solid, here's the link -

City Paper: Baltimore rapper Son of Nun confronts Rep. Steve King over 'subgroup' comments


I was eating with friends at a soul food restaurant at the RNC and MSNBC's Chuck Todd sits down at a table next to ours, then racist-ass rep. Steve King walks in and starts talking to him.  I know I have to say something and Ryan already has his camera out so... 

Here's the Baltimore City Paper's piece on it  -