Political Prisoner Radio

It is an hour long radio program that seeks to educate the public on individual and collective cases of US held political prisoners and prisoners of war. The program features former political prisoners, political prisoner advocates, family members and members of organizations that are consistently working to free prisoners and raise public awareness about them.

An End to Ignorance

Through Circles of Voices and Creative Collaborations, An End to Ignorance addresses the impact of racism. It is our intent to ease the pain, and bring people into the light around race based ignorance.

We give people the opportunity to move through ignorance by inviting them into shared spaces, to have conversation, break bread and break the silence around racism.

It is simple, have people to join with each other, connect with someone or others who are somewhat unlike them and get to know each other.

Hundreds of people have attended our monthly sessions in Baltimore. We will continue as long as Baltimore desires our work. People want to talk. People want to learn. People want to listen. We create opportunities for them to move beyond the pain. We bring people together, to shift our city.

Baltimore Brew

The Baltimore Brew is a daily online journal featuring independent reporting and informed commentary about greater Baltimore. Think of us as your post-media apocalypse source of information and insight on our hometown.

We feature independent, investigative reporting and coverage of the city's diverse communities _ cultural as well as geographical _ as part of its commitment to building a better Baltimore.

The Real News Network

"The question we settle in an election is not whether elites shall rule, but which elite shall rule," said conservative pundit George Will on ABC's This Week.

That's why we need daily television news that reports with ordinary people’s interests in mind. The Real News is such a network; it’s the missing link in the global media landscape.

The Real News Network (TRNN) is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service. We don’t accept advertising, and we don’t accept government or corporate funding. TRNN is sustained by viewer donations and earned revenue.

Since 2007, we have produced more than 7,000 stories that have been viewed more than 100 million times. The next phase of development is the move to television. We will compete with cable news for an audience in the millions.